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NAWGJ’s Cannons

March 07, 2016

NAWGJ’s CANONS CANON 1: A judge should assist in maintaining the integrity and competence of the profession of judging women’s gymnastic events. CANON 2: A judge should assist the Association in fulfilling its duty of making judges available for women’s gymnastic events. CANON 3: A judge should assist in improving the system of judging women’s gymnastic events. CANON 4: A judge should avoid even the appearance of professional impropriety. CANON 5: A Judge should be well qualified in gymnastics, know the rules and be thoroughly prepared for each assignment. Each team, meet contestant and participant, as well as the spectators, are entitled to the official’s best efforts to administer the rules of the sport. CANON 6: A judge should prepare for each judging assignment and should, through study and clinics, keep her/his judging knowledge current. CANON 7: A judge should fulfill all assignments accepted and be punctual. A judge should also attend all judging and other meetings which are intended to promote a well ordered and conducted meet or event. CANON 8: A judge should be alert at all times, quickly yet accurately produce her/his scores and have a basis for the scores derived and prepared. If a legitimate need should arise, the judge should explain and support such scores by working through conferences and dealing with inquiries in a dignified, professional manner. CANON 9: A judge should not solicit meets for herself/himself or for others. CANON 10: A judge shall be completely unbiased. A judge should not give any appearance, especially at a meet, of any particular friendship with any coach or competitor. Also, a judge should decline any assignment in which affiliation with a team or individuals would tend to influence the judge’s ability to be fair and objective. CANON 11: A judge should treat gymnasts, coaches, judges, promoters and spectators with respect. A judge should respect the privacy, property and feelings of any judge or other person with whom such judge is living during the event being judged, and should not do anything which would embarrass or offend such person. CANON 12: A judge should at all times both look and act professionally. A judge should maintain a neat and well-groomed appearance when judging. He/she should wear the uniform of the Association (except where other dress is permitted). CANON 13: A judge should not be overly officious. She/he should not criticize other officials or attempt to explain other off

Judging Accreditation Test – 11/7/15

October 23, 2015

A Judging Accreditation Test will be given at Danik Gymnastics on Saturday, November 7th at 5pm. Please Register before 10/31/15 to ensure your spot!

Washington NAWGJ website is awesome – go there for updates!

October 05, 2015

Lee Bjella does a wonderful job keeping the Washington Judges website updated with all the current news and pdf links for updates. I have not done a good job keeping this Idaho website updated. Please go to the Washington website for judging information. Feel free to call or email me if you have any specific questions – and I will research it for you. Barbara May (208) 964-0302 Here it the url – contact me if you want the log in and password for the NAWGJ site.

Annual CPE report due by June 30th.

May 19, 2015

JUDGES: Print your CPE yearly report form – Idaho judges – please send to Janet Earl by June 30th. Email form to Janet =

Xcel IBook is now updated

April 06, 2015

Last week the Xcel iBook was updated with additional FAQ plus some corrections to the book itself. However, due to a communication gap, there were also some corrections to answers for some of the original FAQs that had not been included. Those corrections were in the posted hard copy of the FAQ, but were not in the corrected iBook last week. SO.. those inconsistencies have been fixed and now the iBook has been updated again as of today.

March 2015 – Revised Xcel Skil Charts

March 17, 2015

Please post on your websites the link to the Revised Xcel Skill Charts. There are no new skills to the program. The skills that get “A”s for Platinum and Diamond have just been added to this chart format.

Jo Updates both Comp and Opts 12/23/14

December 29, 2014

USA Gymnastics has posted the newest Compulsory updates: Compulsory updated pages as of 12-23-14 Compulsory Errata as of 12-23-14 USA Gymnastics Updated Code Of Points items – errata and pages 12-23-14:

Idaho State Clinic

October 01, 2014

The Idaho State Clinic is this weekend at BSU. 6-9pm on Saturday, October 3rd and 9am-4pm on Saturday, October 4th. The Connie Maloney will be here as our clinician. You don’t want to miss it!


October 01, 2014

WE NEED JUDGES!!! Kelly Riley will be giving another Judging Accreditation Test on December 5th at Bronco Elite Gymnastics in Boise! You can register for it at!


October 01, 2014

Ladies, There are still many of you who have not turned in your receipts to Kelly for your up to $300 reimbursement. The deadline is fast approaching on October 31st!!!!

Updates Galore!!!

October 01, 2014

Please visit the National NAWGJ Website ( for lots of judging updates! Also, the Washington NAWGJ website ( has a plethora of judging aids and helps! You can click on the links here in “Resources” for easy access. Check it out!!!

2015 Idaho State Meet info

July 23, 2014

State in 2015 will be at the Reed gym on the ISU campus in Pocatello. This will be hosted by Justin Packard and Madison Gymnastics. Levels 2 – 10 will be on Friday and Saturday. Boys and Xcel will be on Saturday in an adjacent gym.

2/10/14 – Xcel errata available

February 10, 2014

The latest Xcel Code Errata and Code replacement pages are now available. USA Gymnastics has sold out of the first printing of the Xcel Code! The second edition (incorporating all the errata up to this point) is being printed now.

Important reimbursement & Symposium info from Kelly!

February 10, 2014

2014 is the year of reimbursements. The Idaho NAWGJ Governing Board has voted to reimburse approved judging expenses accrued with a maximum of $300 from October 1st, 2013 to October 1st, 2014. You were emailed a detailed list of approved items, as well as the steps to receive your reimbursed moneys. I will keep a running tab for all of you on a spreadsheet so you will know how much you have spent. In addition, Registration for the 2014 NAWGJ Symposium in Atlanta, Georgia is included on the approved list. Some of you have expressed interest in attending. If you are FOR SURE going to go, please visit the website, fill out the registration form, and email it back to me by Friday, February 14th. I will then write one check for the early bird discounted cost and send in all of your forms. Your registration forms will be your receipt for reimbursement.

xCel Code of Points is on sale thru USAG.

January 28, 2014

Attention Idaho Judges – The xCel Code of Points is available and you can order thru USAG. $47.95 (includes shipping) There is one errata from 1/20/14 and five replacement pages from 1/24/14 – available from USAG website above. Barbara Elliott & Dianne Palmer have received theirs – lots of helpful xCel clarifications and info.

October 4-5: -Idaho State Clinic

April 27, 2013

Boise ID

Upcoming Clinics For The New Cycle To Keep In Mind!!!

March 04, 2013

Keep these dates and clinics in mind as the New Cycle gets underway!!! Please contact Kelly Riley ( if you have any questions!!!

August 15-17: USA Gymnastics National Congress (Hartford, CT)

March 04, 2013

June 7-9: National Compulsory Workshop (Reno, NV)

March 04, 2013

June 28-30: Region 2 Congress (Vancouver, WA)

March 04, 2013

July 26-27: Tom Koll Clinic (Boise, ID)

March 04, 2013

This clinic is free to all Idaho USA Gymnastics members. Please contact Kelly Riley ( for more details

Inland Empire Xcel League Rules Link

December 06, 2012

To see the rules for Xcel for 2013 go to The levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

Compulsory Practice Judging!!!

November 17, 2012

Wednesday, November 28 @ 6:30 pm. Come and get geared up for the season at Jamie’s House – 1492 Rimrock Ct, Boise, Idaho 83712.

Idaho State Clinic – October 5th and 6th

October 01, 2012

Let’s gear up for the upcoming gymnastics season and get your CPE done! Below is the schedule for the State Clinic next weekend. It will be at BSU but I am still waiting to hear which specific room we will be in. I will let you all know when I find that out. The majority of our focus will be on optionals. I will also be having a board meeting after the last session on Saturday at a restaurant near BSU to approve next year’s budget. All are welcome to join us. I hope to see you all soon! Lets keep Idaho Gymnastics GREAT!!! Friday, Oct. 5th 6-7pm: Meet Ref Duties (Marian) 7-9pm: Exel (Dianne Palmer) Saturday, Oct. 6th 9-10am: JO Updates (Kelly) 10-11am: What Would You Do? (Kelly) 11-12pm: “Grandma” Skills (Kelly) 12-1pm: Lunch Break 1-2pm: Vault (Janet) 2-3pm: Bars (Janet) 3-4pm: Beam (Johnna) 4-5pm: Floor (Johnna) 5pm: Board Meeting at a restaurant to approve the budget. Details about the Coaches/Athletes part of Clinic are here! State Coaches Clinic Info – October 5 and 6 at Boise State University Practice Gym Linda Mulvihill Ivan Alexov Neil Resnick Patti Jo Resnick Raising the bar for coaches and athletes! The Lowdown! Compulsories Levels 3 – 6, Xcel 8:30 am – 11:30 am both days Cost: $75.00 Optional Levels 7 – Elite 12:30 pm – 5:00 pm both days Cost: $100.00 Coaches without athletes are $50.00 each. Make checks payable to USAG Idaho (1 check per club) Don’t forget all gymnasts must have current USAG memberships! Questions: Call Marian DeWane at 208-602-5336 or e-mail at

Idaho NAWGJ Governing Board Meeting/Summer Gathering

August 03, 2012

Come join us Friday, August 17th at 6pm for a pot luck style gathering! The location will be at Rhonda Genther’s house. Idaho NAWGJ will provide the main course of ribs. Help kick off our new 2012 Governing Board!

Be Aware. Be Prepared. Membership Changes August 1, 2012

July 10, 2012

Copy the link below to read about some new changes coming next month regarding our USA Gymnastics memberships!!!

Annual CPE Reports

June 18, 2012

Your Annual CPE Reports are due by the end of June to Barb Elliott!

State Governing Board

June 02, 2012

For those of you eligible for the State Governing Board, don’t forget to have your candidate letters back to me (Kelly Riley) no later than June 15th. This is your opportunity to get involved! Together we can make Idaho NAWGJ great!

New Idaho SJD – Kelly Riley

May 18, 2012

Idaho is lucky to have two very well-qualified judges run for the position of State Judges Director. We had a very high proportion of judges submit their ballot – thank you for casting your vote! Congratulations Kelly for becoming Idaho’s next State Judges Director! Her position as SJD is effective immediately.

Annual CPE Report

May 18, 2012

Ladies, please turn in your annual CPE report form in to Barb ASAP! If you are planning on attending additional clinics before July, please let Barb know that is your plan. Barb is the CPE coordinator and is responsible for turning in the CPE summary form (for Idaho) to the USAG chair, USAG National Office, and to the SJD. Please help her fulfill this duty!